Kinivo BTX350 Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless speakers have somehow become a common gadget nowadays. With a lot of choices now available that work with most portable devices, it is an easier choice for more and more people than having wired speakers around. And with the Bluetooth wireless speakers now providing almost the same quality sound and features as wired systems, they certainly become the obvious choice for most people. And one of the newest ones to come out recently is the Kinivo BTX350 Bluetooth Speakers.

The Kinovo BTX350 Bluetooth Speakers is a portable wireless speaker that is designed to work with most Bluetooth-capable mobile device. In fact, it is designed to be a sleek travel speaker that users may like to have. With a size that measures 8″long, 3″ high and 2.25″deep, this handy wireless speaker won’t be hard to bring along just about anywhere. Despite its size, it is still able to provide high quality sound output that any wireless speaker can.

The Kinivo BTX350 Bluetooth Speakers comes with a Class D amplifier that provides high quality output sound despite its small form profile. It features suspension cone speaker drivers as well as a passive subwoofer. The speaker also comes with bass boost controls, as well as buttons for volume and for reverse/forward features. The speaker also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable for use with non-Bluetooth gadgets. This makes the speaker quite versatile and can be used for almost all portable media players and devices now available in the market.

The Kinivo BTX350 Bluetooth Speakers also comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that comes with a USB charging cable. A full charge can have the wireless speaker playing for up to 5 hours. The Kinivo BTX350 Bluetooth Speakers is now available at Amazon for US$40.

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