Kingston DataTraveler Mini Fun G2 USB Drive

Portable USB drives have become a preferred way of storing digital files that you wish to bring along anywhere you go. But most of the USB drives available today seem to follow a generic design that makes them quite common and without that touch of uniqueness. The same can’t be said with the new DataTraveler Mini Fun G2 USB Drive from Kingston.

The Kingston DataTraveler Mini Fun G2, does not look like your usual USB drive. They are designed with bright and fun colors for its rugged silicon rubber housing. Each USB drive is color coded according to storage capacity and can be snapped together to create original shapes. They are available in 2GB (light/dark green), 4GB (light/dark blue) and 8GB (black/red) versions. You can check them out at Kingston although no pricing information is yet available for it from its authorized resellers.

Image Source: Kingston

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