King Jim Packetta Flash Drive With Wireless LAN

Moving files from one device to another may be considered as convenient nowadays. The availability of flash drives makes this task easier and more convenient to do. But through the years, little advancement has come in the field of flash drives. That is why new devices like the King Jim Packetta can easily gather such an interest quicker.

The King Jim Packetta is a unique flash drive equipped with wireless LAN. This feature allows users to access its contents wirelessly by using an app that can be downloaded to a smartphone or any other portable device. It comes in either an 8GB or a 16GB flash drive with a WiFi BGN module. Accessing its contents wirelessly would require connection to a USB power source which can be a USB compatible device, laptop or a PC. Any portable WiFi device with its accompanying app installed will then be able to access its contents wirelessly. The King Jim Packetta is expected to be available in the Japanese market by December 20. The 8GB version is expected to cost around 9,400 Japanese Yen or around US$115 while the 16GB version will go for 14,000 Japanese Yen or around US$171.

Image Source: King Jim

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