Kinetic Energy Bracelet Charger

Kinetic energy bracelet

The Kinetic Energy bracelet charger is what it is. It is a bracelet that is a charger for your gadgets that powers using kinetic energy generated by moving your body. It is a simple band that can be worn around the waist, ankle, or any body part that moves a lot.

What it does then is that it stores the energy of your movements into the device. Plug in your mobile or any other electronic equipment, and voila, you get emergency power in times where a plug is unaccessible. It comes with a multi-adapter to accommodate most gadget input plugs.

Designed by Wilma van Boxtel, the Kenetic Energy bracelet charger gives a new meaning for multitasking. You could now provide power for your apparatus while you are clubbing, riding a bike, or doing any strenuous activity.

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