Kinect Sex Game Becomes Within Reach

Looks like it is inevitable for something like this to happen.

Much like the rise of the “rape games” in various platforms, the adult gaming community has able to “exploit” the capabilities of the Microsoft‘s Kinect motion controller as a demo for an upcoming game features a player who uses hand gestures to grope and caress body parts of a female game character.

The game, which was developed using an open-source software called ThriXXX, allows users “to use gestures, spoken commands, of objects to control in-game action that creates a completely new sex game activity and magical experience.” You can check out the NSFW demo here.

In reaction, Microsoft released a statement saying that sex games on Kinect is an example of “a technology being used in ways not intended by its manufacturer, and it won’t be the last.” The company reiterate that they did not authorize or license the Kinect for such usage, that they do not allow Adults Only content be used on its platform. The statement, however, falls a bit short on what actions they would take in case an actual adult game becomes freely available for Kinect users.

Source: CNET and CrunchGear

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