Kindle to Add Accessibility Features for Blind Readers

Kindle ebook reader

It was announced recently that Inc. will include two features to its Kindle ebook reader to make it more accessible to the blind and visually-impaired users.  These new additions are expected to be included in Kindle by summer 2010, according to Amazon.

Although Kindle has a text-to-speech feature that reads the digital book aloud for blind users, accessing it would require a series of navigation menus that are difficult to go around if they cannot see it.  This is one of the complaints given by Syracuse University and University of Wisconsin-Madison, both of which declared that they would not consider using the Kindle as an alternative to paper textbooks until the gadget becomes easier for blind students to use.

The new features that will be incorporated to the Kindle are audible menus that would let the device speak out loud while navigating through menu options; and an option for extra-large font to cater people with impaired vision.

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