Amazon gives Kindle Fire HD new body, lower price

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2014 edition

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2014 edition

Apart from launching the Kindle Fire HDX, the online retailer also updates its entry-level Kindle Fire HD tablet.

The Kindle Fire HD 2014 edition has a lot of similarities with its low-cost predecessor, except that they look kinda different on the outside. The new tablet looks boxy with its angled edges at the back, much like the 7-inch HDX.

It is the inside where the new Kindle Fire HD remains the same: the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the same 1,280 x 800 display, and the absence of a rear camera. But at least the device now runs on the new version of Amazon’s take on Android called Fire OS 3.0, also known as “Mojito”.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2

Being an entry-level tablet, the new Kindle Fire HD does not have features you salivated over the Fire HDX, such as the Mayday Button since it does not have a microphone. (I find that weird since the predecessor clearly had a mic for video chatting purposes.)

The new tablet from Amazon would cost you $139, which is $60 lower than its older namesake, and will be shipped beginning October 2. Pre-orders are now accepted.

Image source: Engadget

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