Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers

Just when Apple boasts that their iPad is set to become the e-book reader killer, Amazon introduces the Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers, points to Apple and says “Ha ha!”

The Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers is just like the Kindle version for desktop computers.  The difference is that the tablet version is optimized for touch navigation.  The upcoming Kindle program can run on any PC tablet and still sync to other Kindle apps.  Plus, it’s in color, which erases “colored screen” as one of iPad’s advantage against the Kindle.

It also includes life-like page turn animation, a colorful e-book library, and a number of font size and color options.

And as you may have known by now, any content from Kindle can be accessed on any device.  Not only can you read your favorite e-books on the Kindle device itself, but also on a BlackBerry, iPhone , desktop PC, Mac , and soon on any tablet PC.

How the iPad can kill Kindle now?  We’ll see.

Source:  CrunchGear

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