KiiPix Instant Photo Printer

Taking photos has been a very common habit among many people. It has been even made more convenient by smartphones that now feature better quality built-in cameras. But while it is easier for people to capture digital photos, it is not as easy to make physical copies of it. People will still need a desktop printer and some special photo paper in order to do so. But that has started to change with the arrival of portable versions like this new KiiPix Instant Photo Printer.

The KiiPix Instant Photo Printer from Tomy is a convenient and handy device that will allow users to create retro-style photos right from the camera roll of smartphones. What makes it special is that this photo printer does not need any batteries to work. Not only that, it does not also need any app to print photos. It makes use of a special film or photo paper that will create the physical copies of chosen photos. Users only need to place their smartphones of the KiiPix instant photo printer using a framing device. A simple turn of a knob and push of a button will then create the printed photo.

The KiiPix Instant Photo Printer is designed to be handy and easy to use. It also helps users to create physical photos instantly, making it easy to share, give and swap photos with others. This unique KiiPix instant photo printer is expected to be available in around 12 countries. Its suggested retail price will be around $40. The special film is sold separately.

Image Source: Yanko Design

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