KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer

KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key OrganizerPeople still need keys. Even though we have certainly advanced by leaps and bounds through the years, the basic keys we use have not changed that much. Well, electronic keys have made some headway, but most people still use the ordinary key and pin tumbler lock system for years and years. People still bring key chains in their pockets. And people still lose keys all the time. If ever we may see certain changes in the use of keys, it may be on how to carry it along. This KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer is just one example.

The KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer is a unique way for you to organize your keys that also helps you distinguish one from the other. This unique key chain holds all your keys just like a standard Swiss Army knife. Two aircraft-grade aluminum plates sandwich your keys and are held together by stainless steel posts. This way, you do not carry keys that always tangle with each other as well as jab your legs or destroy your pants when you carry them inside your pocket.  The teeth of your keys all face inside to prevent them from making holes into your pocket and put them into ready-to-use position when you swing them out. When closed, you no longer have to deal with a noisy bunch of keys every time you move. There are two styles available- one for long keys and the other for regular keys. You can add the KeySmart Swiss Army Style Key Organizer into your car key fob using the included loop piece. It is available at Think Geek for $20.

Image Source: Think Geek

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