Keyport Slide- The Keychain Alternative

Having to bring along a keychain filled with different types of keys can sometimes be more of a hassle than a convenience. Not only can they be heavy, they can also be quite noisy as they move to and fro from your pocket or dangled outside of it. A unique and more high tech alternative may now available in the form of the Keyport Slide.

The Keyport Slide may not look like any ordinary keychain. It is a unique key storage device that can consolidate up to 6 of your oft-used keys in a more secure and less noisy device. Keys are fixed inside the Keyport Slide and use a sliding mechanism whenever any key is to be used at any time. Other tools such as a USB flash drive, bottle opener and mini-LED light can also be fixed into a Keyport Slide to make it even more useful. It is more convenient and handy to carry around in its secure boxed design. The Keyport Slide comes in a number of bundled options. It is now available at Keyport with the standard bundle option starting at US$79.

Image source: Keyport

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