Keyless Entry: Schlage LiNK Starter Kit

keyless entry

Most of us use key to lock and unlock our doors. This can be a hassle since keys are prone to being misplaced or lost. Also with keys, there is no way we can admit authorized people into our home from afar. Schlage has just developed a solution to these problems. The security hardware manufacturer demonstrated Schlage LiNK at the 2008 Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association Expo. Schlage LiNK is a wireless-enabled deadbolt and lock system.

Schlage LiNK uses wireless Z-Wave technology for locking and unlocking. All you have to do is to key in a four-digit access code on the device’s 11-digit keypad, and the wireless technology will unlock and open the pre-programmed doors. You can change the access codes for specific days, and text messages or e-mails will automatically be sent to you every time the codes are used. You will be informed if someone bypassed your access code.

With this device, you can also open doors via a mobile phone or other mobile Internet devices (MID). You can also open it remotely, using the Schlage LiNK website. There are slim chances of anyone accessing your PIN number as the device comes with a security system commonly used by almost all banks, the Secure Socket Layer. If you want this security system connected to your mobile device, then Schlage LiNK is perfect for you. The Schlage LiNK Starter Kit is priced at $299 and requires a $12.99 monthly subscription fee.

Image Source: Schlage

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