Keychain Space Invaders

Keychain Space InvadersWith the popularity of portable devices, there are several entertainment options now available. In the gaming front, people can now choose from the hundreds and thousands of gaming apps to play with on a compatible smartphone or tablet. But after playing with them, some people tend to get over that initial excitement of playing them for the first time. That is how some games come and go. For some people who like something different to play with, this Keychain Space Invaders may provide some unique appeal.

The Keychain Space Invaders looks like one of those classic handheld games of old that pre-date those touch screen games. First, it does not have a display screen typical of most handheld games today. It simply consists of a set of buttons that randomly light up during game play. The objective of the game is that you press on the buttons that light up as fast as you can. You actually have to press physical buttons, which makes it different from those touch screen games of today.

The Keychain Space Invaders comes in three difficulty levels of game play. It even features the sound effects of the action game Space Invaders for added fun. You can always have fun playing this simple and yet engaging game practically anywhere since it works as a keychain that you can put into your pocket all the time. The Keychain Space Invaders is a welcome alternative to enjoying an entertaining classic game that you can place in your pocket. It is available at ThinkGeek for US$13.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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