Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard

Keyboardio Model 01The standard computer keyboard has not gone through a lot of design changes over the years. Current keyboards look pretty much the same since they were introduced in terms of general design and configuration. Frequent users still have the same issues and problems with regards to its use. Prolonged typing can lead to wrist and hand fatigue. Despite some keyboards are designed to be ergonomic, the fact that the keys are spread over the way they are makes them disadvantageous for prolonged typing. A change in key configuration and keyboard design may be needed. This is what the new Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard aims to achieve.

The Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard is not the typical keyboard you may be accustomed to. It features a different overall design and key configuration layout that aims to make you type faster and in a more relaxed manner. This unique mechanical keyboard is made out of two halves of solid maple body, with key separated for the left and right hands. Users can split it in the middle to adjust the most relaxing setup as needed. The keys still follow the QWERTY layout. But this time the keys are angled to help keep the wrists typing in a natural and neutral position. The keyboard design also enables your thumb to become more useful when typing instead of tiring out your pinky finger.

The Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard makes use of the Matias Quiet Click switches for the keys, enabling users a more tactile typing experience without having to create clicking noises. This interesting mechanical keyboard also comes with LED’s behind the keys to provide animated background lighting as needed. The LED’s are programmable to function in many different ways. Because of its new key layout, the Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard is something that may require some time to get used to. But for those people who frequently use it and are looking for a more comfortable and relaxing way to type, then the Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard may fit in quite nicely. The Keyboardio Model 01 Keyboard is currently undergoing a crowd funding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $299 will enable you to have one once it comes out.

Image Source: Kickstarter.

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