Keyboard and Mouse Buying Guide

The keyboard and the mouse belong to what is called as input devices in a computer system. These devices are what PC users use to interact and input data into a computer system. Although there are other peripherals that are also regarded as input devices, the keyboard and the mouse are the primary devices that PC users are more acquainted to.

Computer keyboard

When buying a keyboard or a mouse for a PC, you should know what choices are available out there for you. This will require knowing about the different computer mouse types and keyboards that provide different features to suit different needs. On the part of keyboards, PC users generally have four types to choose from. One is the standard keyboard that is probably the most common keyboards around. They are the ones that come with older PC versions and that they are the simplest choices available.

The next one in line is the ergonomic keyboard. Unlike the standard PC keyboard, this one usually has an added feature- it is designed to relieve the stress that most PC users encounter due to repetitive typing. Ergonomic keyboards are more comfortable to use and may help prevent repetitive stress injury. These type of keyboards are specially designed and contoured with ergonomic keys to lessen the stress on the hands while typing.

Other types of keyboards offer a certain convenience that some PC users might prefer more than others. There are now illuminated keyboards available that provide back lit keys so that they can be made more visible in poorly lit conditions. These type of keyboard would be ideal for those usually finding themselves using their PC at night or working on dark rooms or offices. Such keyboards would also be ideal when used especially when giving multimedia presentations which require dim lighting conditions.

There are wireless keyboards that make use infrared beams or radio signals to connect to the PC system. This allows the keyboard to be free from wires and allows users with a wider range of mobility. With a wireless keyboard, PC users may be able to move from one sitting position to another without being hampered by wires and still continue using the keyboard, as long as it maintains its wireless connectivity all throughout.

Computer mouse

When it comes to the computer mouse, there are three kinds that PC users can choose from. There is the standard mechanical mouse that has a rubber or metal ball that rolls in every direction to direct and control the cursor or pointer on the computer screen. It usually comes with a mouse pad used under the device to make it move more smoothly.

There is also optic-mechanical mouse that is somewhat similar to the mechanical mouse except that it makes use of optical sensors to track the motion of the rubber or metal ball as it moves. A mouse pad is also required when using this type of computer mouse.

The new kind of mouse that is being used today is the optical mouse. This type of mouse does away with the rubber ball that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on the computer screen. Instead pointer movement is directed by a laser that detects the movement of the mouse and relays it to the motion of the pointer on the screen.

This type of mouse does not have any mechanical moving parts inside to direct the movement of the device. It responds more quickly and precisely than the other two types of computer mice and is not subjected to the mechanical wear and tear that the older mouse versions usually go through.

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