Kenwood Media Keg Digital Audio Recorder

Meetings, seminars and conference talks all have one thing in common- they always require an ever listening ear (or a pair of them) to absorb everything being tackled. But seriously, not everyone can be quite consistent on this aspect. And for such obvious lacking, there’s technology to help out.

There are devices such as the Kenwood Media Keg MGR-E8 digital audio recorder to help out people who might not be that keen of a listener or remember conversations and talks. This new digital audio recorder from Kenwood contains 3 mics- one directional and two omni directional to capture audio that needs to be captured and recorded. The device records in 946Khz/24bit linear audio, which is better and clearer than CD audio quality. It has a 2GBof internal memory and reserves a slot for that extra microSD card that can accommodate extra memory for up to 16GB. The Kenwood Media Keg MGR-E8 digital audio recorder will be available sometime in the middle of September this year.

Image Source: Kenwood

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