Kenwood CLX 70 iPod Dock

iPod Docks have become quite a common and popular as the device they were made for. Docking stations for Apple iDevices have almost become an essential accessory for enhancing the features of the devices themselves. That is why some companies still continue to create new docking stations like the Kenwood CLX 70 Docking Station.

The Kenwood CLX 70 is more than just an iPod or iPhone dock. It is a mini sound system that features a slot-in CD player that also supports digital media. The iPod dock add into its versatility as a digital music player. It also supports USB as well as SD memory cards for music play back as well as recording. The speaker features the DTS Envelo Speaker that features D-Bass for better bass sounds. The Kenwood CLX 70 is set to be released in the market sometime this month in Japan. There’s no word yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Kenwood

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