KEF KIT 160 Home Cinema System

Kef KIT 160 Instant Theatre System

The KEF KIT160 is the bigger version of the KIT140 and KIT120 systems.

It’s a 2.1 system which offers not just simple movie playback, but a truly immersive home theater experience.


KIT160 offers vast image detail. The KIT160’s head unit is a CD/MP3/DVD player. The DVD player features DVD-upscaling which allows you to watch DVD movies on your HD-read or Full-HD plasma or LCD TV. You can simply use the KIT160’s USB input to watch full-HD footage stored onto a USB solid state device on your full-HD 1080p panel.


The KEF KIT160 has bigger speakers to create a virtual surround sound experience. The twin speakers include the KEF ‘five two series’ Model 11. It uses NXT flat panel technology and KEF’s UniQ drivers to bounce sound around a room to create a realistic multi-channel effect.

The KEF KIT160’s subwoofers on the other hand, help create outstanding soundstage with its ability to produce deep, low frequencies with detail and precision. Plus, they also work as the entire system’s amplifier.

The best part about KEF KIT160 provides superb home theater experience but is easy to set up and easy to use. Plus, it’s sleek and stylish. No need to set up extra large speakers and AV equipment to achieve that realistic surround sound experience, just hassle-free, cinema-esque movie experience.


Brand: Kef
Model: KIT140 Instant Theatre
HDMI Upscaling
Mp3 Playback
DVD +/-, R/RW Playback
DivX Playback
Remote Control Included
Super Easy GUI, easy to use

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