KDDI Mamorino 2 Mobile Phone For Kids

Even kids today have their own mobile phones. But it would be even better of such devices offer additional personal security features that parents may find useful. In Japan, there are now kids mobile phones that offer added security features like the new KDDI Mamorino 2.

The KDDI Mamorino 2 mobile phone is specifically designed for kids. Since most kids still may not be responsible enough in using the type of mobile phone that adults use, a kid’s mobile phone certainly makes sense. The Mamorino 2 highlights its security features that help keep kid’s activity in check. The phone can only call up to 10 pre-registered numbers for incoming and outgoing calls. Emails and Internet access are likewise limited for some added peace of mind on the part of the parents.

The Mamorino 2 also features a GPS locator and tracker to monitor a kid’s position in case the kid gets lost somewhere. It also features a GPS security buzzer in case of emergency that can help alert and notify parents and authorities in case of any trouble. And because the phone is intended for kid’s use, the KDDI Mamorino 2 is designed to be both waterproof and dustproof. Not only that, a purchase of this mobile phone comes with a personal liability and life insurance policy for the kid owner. Only in Japan. The KDDI Mamorino 2 is expected to be available in the Japanese market by March.

Image Source: KDDI

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