Kastor The Beaver Pencil Sharpener

People appreciate good design. Most can usually easily determine what good design is when they see one. It may be anything. It is the aesthetic and sometimes functional design that usually gets people to take a second look at a device that imbibes good design. One example would be this Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener.

The Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener takes on different, usually unrelated design subjects and combine them to create a striking product. Designed by Rodrigo Torres, this interesting beaver will eat through the wood of pencils to give you a sharpened tip any time. It is that amazing take of a beaver eating through wood pencil that makes this common device look extraordinary. The Kastor the Beaver Pencil Sharpener will be part of the 2013 Spring/Summer Collection at Alessi which is coming out soon.

Image Source: Alessi

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