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Kaspersky Internet Security for AndroidProtecting your computer from harmful viruses has long been a common task that people do. With threats of identity theft, hacking , and online theft, it is essential for computer users to stay protected. That is why antivirus software is becoming a standard issue with computer use. But what if you have a tablet or smartphone? With similar threats to portable devices also increasing, many antivirus makers are now creating applications to provide the same protection. One of them is online security company Kaspersky. It has introduced the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android devices just for this very purpose.

At a time when more people are using portable devices to go online, the focus on antivirus protection should also be shifting on protecting smartphones, tablets and other devices. People now use them more and more to go online. Mobile device security is becoming an increasing problem with more and more malware being developed to specifically attack and hack into these systems to steal. The new Kaspersky Internet Security for Android aims to provide the first level of protection against such threats. Android users can now begin to have a better peace of mind knowing that their devices have this protection against mobile malware threats that might be lurking out there. This software is specifically designed to be user friendly and accessible aside from making use of the latest weapons to stop mobile malware threats on its tracks.

The Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is also updated to provide notifications and control using upcoming Android watches for better convenience. People wearing the new Android smart watches will also be getting notifications from Kaspersky Internet Security against possible threats and then set the right protection  they need for their mobile devices by simply using the controls on their Android smart watches. The new update is compatible with smart watches and mobile devices using Android 6.0. What makes it even ideal is that Android users can download the mobile antivirus app from Google Play for free.

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