KangaRoom Wall Mounted Charging Station

How many times have you experienced having to charge you various gadgets and without having enough outlets available to charge them in? As people get more and more portable gadgets, this will increasingly become quite a problem. However, there are many solutions such as what the KangaRoom Wall Mounted Charging Station offers.

The KangaRoom Wall Mounted Charging Station offers a simple solution to a multiple gadget user’s constant problem. Even while there is a need for an all-in-one multiple charger for such people, another concern might be trying to remember where you put them in case you decide to use them. In the case of this new KangaRoom Charging Station, it is wall mounted in a fixed area so that users no longer have to look for them. You can now charge your gadgets in a fixed location and never have to misplace them. A sliding door on the mount can also hide a separately sold power strip for added use. This useful wall-mounted charging station is available at KangaRoom for US$30.

Image Source: KangaRoom

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