Kana Micro Digital Audio Player from Green House

Kana Micro Digital Audio Player from Green House

Japanese electronics company Green House has been highly-regarded by tech journalists for coming up with the coolest accessories in the market, from telephoto lens you can attach to your mobile phone to handgrips for your PlayStation Portable. They also come up with small-sized MP3 players and recently the company introduced its smallest model yet.

The new Kana Micro digital audio player is as small as a cute little USB drive, measuring just 55.4 x 20 x 10.5 millimeters and weighing only 10 grams. It also comes with a 2GB Micro SC card that supports different audio files from MP3, WMA, and even WMA DRM. You can put up to 512 songs, which is over 123 minutes of pure music listening pleasure.

The Kana Micro also acts like a USB key. Simply plug it into your PC and mobile phone and you can now transfer files from one unit to another, even cell phone images and Excel files from your computer. It also comes with a convenient phone strap so you can simply carry it along with your mobile phone, making it even less likely to get lost. These little digital audio players can also be great gift ideas for your friends and co-workers.

The only problem we encounter is that this mini digital audio player only has a battery life of two hours, which you can charge just by plugging into your PC. However, this does not come as a surprise considering its small size.

The Kana Micro digital audio player from Green House is available in six colors as well as a transparent version. It sells in Japan for only ¥1,480, or about US$16.

Image source: Green-House.co.jp

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