Kakkoii WOW Speaker

WOW SpeakerThere are two types of people who listen to music. There are those who like to listen to favorite tunes alone. There are the ones who buy headphones and earbuds. On the other end, there are people who like to “share” their music. They like it loud and booming. These are the people who buy portable speakers and boomboxes. They like other people to hear the music they love. Having the Kakkoii WOW Speaker handy will certainly appeal to such people.

The Kakkoii WOW Speaker is a unique looking portable speaker that looks as great as it sounds. Its unique shape gives it some added bang by veering away from the usual boxed speaker design. What you have in the Kakkoii WOW is a cone shaped speaker covered in molded rubber. This makes it able to withstand the occasional bumps that such portable speakers sometimes go through. The WOW Speaker comes with excellent sound quality despite its small size. WOW stands for “With Out Wires”. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a rechargeable battery for convenience. Users no longer have to replace batteries and just recharge the device for added playing time. The Kakkoii WOW Speaker is available at Kakkoii for 55 UK Pounds or around US$85.

Image Source: Kakkoii

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