Ka-Bar Zombie Zomstro Chopper

Ka-Bar Zomstro Zombie Chopper

Ka-Bar Zombie Zomstro Chopper

You never know when a zombie apocalypse will come, so it is best to come prepared. Sure, you can have guns and grenade launchers, but you also need a backup weapon in case you run out of ammo. Introducing the Zombie Zomstro Chopper from Ka-Bar, a machete-sized cleaver sharp enough to chop off every zombie limb and then some.

The Ka-Bar Zombie Zomstro Chopper sports a 10.25-inch Cro-Van steel blade with 20-degree edge angle, as well as light green handles that you can switch to black if desired. It is shipped with a 3.25-inch backup knife for more delicate jobs, a durable nylon sheath with belt loop and accessory pouch, a 9-inch zombie green paracord to hogtie those cretins, and a “Zombie Knives” velcro patch that you can proudly stitch on your camouflage.

Ka-Bar Zombie Zomstro Chopper

Please do note that you can only use this against zombies. In the absence of such, you can use your local backwoods and slice through thick vegetation as practice.

Made in the United States, the Ka-Bar Zombie Zomstro Chopper is available at ThinkGeek for $130.

Source: ThinkGeek

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