JVC Wooden Earphones

JVC wooden earphones

After JVC introduced its wooden headphones in Japan, which they claim provide superior sound quality hence the US$730 price tag, the company is back with new wooden audio equipment.  The JVC HA-FX700 is a pair of earphones that are partly made of wood with the same high sound quality that they promise with that other wooden ear piece.

The earphones, which are based on the HP-FX500 JVC introduced in 2007, operate on a frequency range between 6Hz to 26Hz at 16 ohms, with an overpressure value of 104dB/mW and support for a maximum input of 200mW.  They are lightweight at 9.6 kilograms and come in S-M-L sizes.

The JVC HA-FX700 wooden earphones will become available in Japan beginning February 2010, with a luxurious prize of $330.

Image source:  JVC

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