JVC GC PX1 Hybrid Camera

Most people might think that digital cameras may look almost alike, no matter what brand they come by. Of course, there are conventional designs that most camera makers follow. And then there are others like the JVC GX-PX1 that looks just about different.

The JVC GX-PX1 is a hybrid digital camera that looks like a combination of a digital camera and a bit of a camcorder. It was, in fact, designed that way- to become a device in between a digital camera and a camcorder. The JVC GX-PX1 features a 10MP 10x optical zoom lens capable of recording in 1080/60p HD video for up to 36 Mbps at 5.7MP resolutions at 60fps.

The JVC GX-PX1Hybrid Camera has a 3-inch LCD screen that swivels and comes with a 32GB internal memory. It is slated to be available in the Japanese market by the end of February. The pricing for this hybrid digital camera has not yet been revealed.

Image Source: JVC

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