Justick Desktop Organizer

If you are an avid collector of all gadgets unique, you may be one of those who scour for devices that are not just unique but also interesting. There are quite a lot of them that you can find right now. What is most interesting is that however unique some of these gadgets are, they are also quite functional. One example is this Justick Desktop Organizer.

The Justick Desktop Organizer is an interesting way to organize those useful clutter you may have on your office desk. This unique device comes with a patented electro-adhesion surface. Basically, everything that you place on its surface amazingly sticks. And no, it is not static electricity that’s doing the job. The Justick Desktop Organizer is an ideal addition to any office desk to help you organize your notices, reminders and business cards. You can also use it to display photos or hold the paper for you as you type in its contents. The Justick Desktop Organizer is available at Solutions for US$20.

Image Source: Solutions

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