JunoPower HUE Stick

HUE StickWith people carrying multiple portable devices with them at all times, it can be easy to forget to recharge them to full power now and then. It is common for people to experience going out with a low power smartphone or tablet that should have been recharged the night before. People in a rush in the mornings may not have the time to do so when they realize their mistake. It is a good thing that there are now handy power banks available to enable gadget users to recharge even while on the move. Few can come in as handy as the new JunoPower HUE Stick.

The JunoPower HUE Stick is a slim and lightweight power bank to charge your power hungry devices wherever and whenever you need to. It features an advanced portable battery that is able to provide up to 2,600mAh of power. Weighing just six ounces, the JunoPower HUE Stick is very handy to bring along. The set of Samsung lithium ion cells is capable of fully charging an emptied 5-volt device in 2 to 3 hours. This power bank comes with a LED indicator to let users know how much power is still available. Its sleek aluminum casing gives this external battery pack a stylish look. The JunoPower HUE Stick is a handy companion for portable gadget users who require some reserve power for devices while on the go. It is available at Amazon for $20.

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