Jump: Your portable battery life solution

Jump portable battery life solution

Jump portable battery life solution

We all have experienced it: our smartphones running out of juice in the middle of the day and you find yourself walking to the nearest Starbucks to have it charged, late meeting be damned.

The guys at Native Union have a perfect answer for charging your mobile devices while on-the-go. The Jump portable battery life solution has a successful Kickstarter campaign, surpassing its $40,000 goal by over 300% as of this writing.

Unlike other similar products like battery jackets, cables, and power banks, Jump has what it calls the AutoCharge. This feature detects when a smartphone is fully charged, which will then charge its own 800mAh internal battery. It keeps Jump from completely running out of power, so it is ready whenever you need it.

Jump portable battery life solution

Another feature that makes Jump stand out from the competition is its small size, while other similar devices compete on becoming the biggest of the lot. This square-shaped device measures just 1.9 inches on all sides and weighs in at 40 grams (1.4 ounces). You can easily put it in your pocket or bag.

A fully-charged Jump provides an iPhone 5 and 5S with an extra one-third battery life, which is equal to an extra three hours and 50 minutes of talk time.

You can still pledge on Kickstarter to have your very own Jump battery life solution, whose campaign ends February 13. Interested backers can donate at least $40 to have their own Jump with either the Lightning adapter or microUSB. Production is expected at around April and will be shipped by May.

Source: Mashable

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