Jules Espresso Maker

People who like drinking coffee may not bother how it is prepared, just as long as they get their good cup of Joe when they need it. But then again, some relish the joy that they get from preparing their coffee meticulously to get the best out of each brew. If you wish to prepare your next cup of coffee in style, then you might want to check out this Jules Espresso Maker from German company CB Industries.

The Jules Espresso Maker is anything but your ordinary espresso maker. Its design of a polished ball of stainless steel supported by stainless steel legs makes it look like a spaceship more than an espresso maker. Inside the sphere of the Jules Espresso Maker lies the machinery that creates for you that perfect cup of espresso every time.

An electromagnetic pump produces 50 bar of pressure to let hot water seep into the coffee grounds to release all its flavors and into your cup of espresso. It has a water tank capacity of 1.4 liters and relies on simple operation to make espressos as simple and convenient as possible. The Jules Espresso Maker is available at CB Industries for around US$1,400.

Image Source: CB Industries

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