Juice Pack Air for iPhones

Juice Pack Air

When the iPhone first came out, it enjoyed quite a bit of popularity among many people who patiently waited in lines just to get this cool smart phone. But then it was far from being the perfect choice even though it offered a lot of cool features that users wanted. For one, its battery life wasn’t as suited for the features that it provided which may have been the concern for most iPhone users.

Besides changing to another phone, other companies have taken to task making cool and functional accessories to make iPhones even better. One of them is the Mophie Juice Pack Air. This unique add on is actually an external battery that provided additional power to current iPhones to give them twice their battery life. Not only that, this external battery is housed inside a casing that also acts as a protective shield for the iPhone. Not only does the Juice Pack Air provide much needed battery power to iPhones, it also provides a slim form fitting protector case for the smart phone. It is available at Mophie for US$80.

Image Source: Mophie

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