Juice Charger

With the number of portable gadgets that people today now have, the need for additional power has become greater. And the chargers being used to charge them can become quite overwhelming to bring around. They seem to defeat the purpose of having portable gadgets that you can bring along. It pays to have some way to charge these devices using only a single device. And to juice them up, you can consider using the Juice Charger to provide power for your portable devices.

The Juice Charger is a unique type of charger that you can use to keep your devices charged up with power. You no longer need a computer to plug your charger cable into to charge your portable devices. You can simply plug in the Juice Charger straight from an available power outlet to connect and power up your device. What makes it unique is that the Juice Charger is designed to look like a juice pack as a handy carry-bag for your charger. But it does not really contain juice that you drink, only juice that will power up your portable device.

The Juice Charger is a handy and playful take on your ordinary charger. It gives the device some type of unique character, making you realize that it is not just something to take for granted. The Juice Charger comes in three different “flavors”, so to speak. There is a Blackberry flavor that works with Blackberry devices along with a micro USB. There is also an Apple flavor compatible with Apple devices including the iPod and iPhone 3, 4 and 4S, but not with the iPhone 5. Then there is also the Orange flavor, which comes as a universal charger compatible with Blackberry, Apple as well as other portable device brands. The Juice Chargers are available at Firebox for 15 UK Pounds or US$23 for the Blackberry.  The Orange “flavor” is available for 17 UK Pounds or around US$26. The Apple “flavor” is currently available for pre-order.

Image Source: Firebox

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