Judge Wants Apple and Samsung to Settle Out of Court

A U.S. district judge has had enough of the back-and-forth accusations and legal maneuvers between Apple and Samsung that she told their lawyers to just settle the matter outside of court.

“Can’t we all just get along here,” asked Judge Lucy Koh. “I’ll send you with a box of chocolates, whatever.”

Apple’s lawyer Harold McElhinny then revealed to the judge that “executives at the highest levels” of both company are “in fact meeting and talking” about the matter. The attorney did not elaborate the details of the meeting.

It can be recalled that Apple filed a patent infringement suit against Samsung back in April for allegedly copying designs of Apple’s products into its Galaxy and Infuse devices. Samsung then struck back by asserting its own patents against Apple. The legal battle became more complex when Apple demanded to examine five Samsung devices, to which Samsung did the same to Apple for its iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Judge Koh has already ordered Samsung to hand over its products, but has yet to decide on whether Apple should do it likewise. Last week, Apple has added more Samsung devices to its list of alleged copycats.

Despite the vitriol going on between the two companies, Apple actually buys semiconductors to Samsung for its iPad and iPad 2 products. Imagine how much Apple and Samsung going to lose after this case, whichever side would succeed.

Source: Yahoo! News, via MobileCrunch

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