Judge Slashes $450M from Apple’s $1B Damage Claim Against Samsung

After the jury ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion worth of damages to Apple during the bitterly-contested patent infringement court case of 2012, the presiding judge decides to partially vacate the damages award.

FOSS Patents reports that Judge Lucy Koh has slashed the billion-dollar total by over $450 million, an amount related to 14 Samsung products involved in the case. Judge Koh also orders that a new trial should be conducted to determine appropriate damages for those specific devices.

The new trial would cover the AT&T Galaxy SII, the Galaxy Tab, and Nexus 4G among others. The court explains that it is not able to make adjustments to the amounts based on the counts of patent infringement made by those devices for legal reasons. The second trial will be decided by an entirely new jury, where Apple could either be awarded more or less in damages according on the jury’s evaluation of the per-product cost of infringement for the Android gadgets included in the case.

Nevertheless, Apple remains entitled to an award of $598,908,892, although it has been hinted that no actual money will change hands until the second trial has been decided. The company behind the iPhone and iPad will also be able to exercise its option to pursue more damages based on post-judgement royalties, as well as pre-judgement interest, pending the new jury’s decision.

Source: FOSS Patents, via TechCrunch

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