Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Food Preparation Set

Joseph Joseph Nest 100

Every kitchen needs the right tools and kitchenware to work and function efficiently. While some people only require less of them to get the right level of efficiency, others require more. Sometimes, these tools and kitchenware can use up considerable space in the kitchen. It pays to have some kitchenware sets that also act as space-saving utensils, such as the Nest 100 Space Saving Food Preparation Set from Joseph Joseph.

The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Food Preparation Set is a unique combination of food preparation tools designed to save you up some space around the kitchen. It is a 9-piece food preparation set composed of stainless steel bowls in two sizes with non-slip bases, a stainless steel sieve, a large stainless steel colander, and a set of five measuring cups. But what makes them interesting is that the Nest 100 stores in a single stacked up unit. Each of the cups and bowls neatly stacks one by one, from the smallest to the largest unit. They take up minimal space this way, making them easier to store and to account for in case something is missing. The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Food Preparation Set is available at their website for 100 UK Pounds. That is around US$150.

Image Source: Joseph Joseph

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