Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System Java KitSome people just can’t get enough of their coffee fix. No matter where they may be, they still long for that cup of coffee or two to get them through the day. Or just maybe, you want to have a couple of cups of hot water quickly. Whether you are out camping or going through the city jungle, you might find the Jetboil Flash Cooking System handy.

The Jetboil Flash is a portable cooking system that you can bring along wherever you go. If you are in the great outdoors and cannot wait for that caffeine fix, you can let the Jetboil Flash brew you a couple of cups in just two minutes. This portable cooking machine is convenient because it combines the burner and the cooking vessel as one unit. It comes with a one-liter cooking cup that you can attach to a portable burner. The stainless steel burner clips securely to the cooking cup for added safety. Users can turn on the burner by pushing a button. A 16 oz. of hot water boils in as little as two minutes. You can use the hot water for coffee or for soups. Campers can also use the Jetboil Flash to heat up an instant gourmet meal in no time.

The Jetboil Flash comes with a Jetpower fuel cannister that is good for boiling up to 12 liters of water. A tripod base allows for added stability when using the Jetboil Flash. The cooking cup also comes with a color changing heat indicator to enable users to know when the contents are hot. The Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking system is available at Jetboil for US$100.

Image Source: Jetboil

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