Jelfin Gel-Filled Computer Mouse

Jelfin Computer Mouse

A new type of computer mouse aroused the imagination of many techies.  The Jelfin mouse looks like a transparent ball completely covered in gel.  In hindsight, using the Jelfin would look as if you are holding a squishy stress ball.

The design was based on Jelfin’s research that many Americans prefer to have a mouse that is more comfortable to use.  Preliminary tests reveal that first-times users of Jelfin jelly mouse say that it keeps their hands relaxed and comfortable, as well as lessens the tension over at their wrists and forearm that they normally suffer using traditional mice.

The Jelfin mouse covers up to 1,000 dpi, has a three-directional scroll wheel, and is compatible for both Mac and PC.  It is now available at, with your choice from 5 colors, for only US$34.95.

Image source:  Jelfin

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