JBL Unveils First iOS Speakers with Lightning Dock

It took a while, but the first Lightning-compatible accessories are finally here with JBL leading the way. The audio equipment company has announced a pair of speaker docks that only work with Apple devices that have the latest Lightning connector such as the iPhone 5, the new iPad, and new iPods.

The JBL Venue LT (pictured, $200) looks like the JBL Venue speaker dock, except that it has the a Lightning dock instead of the 30-pin connector we were used to. The Lightning connector is placed on a retractable tray, accommodating the latest Apple gadgets of any size. Don’t have the iPhone 5? Simply push the tray back and stream audio through Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, the JBL Micro ($100) looks smaller and ideal for your office desk. It comes with a built-in battery and USB port so you can charge other devices on it. However, this dock does not have the wireless connectivity of the Venue LT and would not fit an iPad.

Both models are now available on JBL.com and authorized retailers.

Source: TechCrunch

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