Jay Leno Recommends Touchless Car Cover

Touchless Car Cover

Whether you are a luxury car owner or simply a car owner who wants the best from your car, you know how hard it is to maintain your vehicle as shiny as possible after you have washed and polished it. Recently, a pair of car collectors introduced a product that they have worked so hard for several years: a car cover that instantly protects your car from rain, sun, dirt, and mildew without letting it touch the paintjob.

The Touchless Car Cover is an advance-designed car cover that requires minimal set-up. It helps protect your car from the harsh elements without leaving unsightly smudged windows, scratched paint jobs, and mildew that traditional car covers do. Consider it as a pop-tent for automobiles.

This innovative tent-like car cover is made from 190T nylon, with fire-resistant, UV-resistant, and waterproof coating. It is ideal to be used outdoors as well as in the garage. The Touchless Cover does not contain any metal parts that would rust or corrode, and also provides easy access from either side while propped up onto the car. It can fit many car models from sedans, coupes, sports cars, and wagons up to 196 inches in length. This car cover is not recommended for SUVs and trucks, but the manufacturer plans to offer other sizes soon.

What is even more innovative about the Touchless Car Cover is that it can fold into 48 inches, which makes it convenient and easy-to-carry, and weighs around 12 pounds. Purchasing the product also includes a cable lock to prevent theft, as well as straps and buckles to secure the car cover on windy days.

The Touchless Car Cover has even attracted several celebrity car collectors. Comedian Jay Leno called the Touchless Cover "a cool product" and even invited the developers to his garage to see it in action. The product also won Car Accessory of 2008 from Bench Racing. The Touchless Car Cover is available on its official website for US$299.

(Image source: TouchlessCarCover.com)

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