Jawbone Introduces the UP Move Activity Tracker

Jawbone UP MOVEFitness has become a growing trend with a number of fitness and activity tracker getting into the market. The devices help people keep track of their activity and monitor whether they are doing enough to stay fit. Many of such devices are coming out, one of which is the new Jawbone UP MOVE activity tracker.

The Jawbone UP MOVE is a new activity tracker that will help people have fun while trying to lose weight and stay fit. It offers the simplest option to monitor your step progress, the calories you burn as well as the quality of your sleep. The Jawbone UP MOVE features a durable nylon-like aluminum body and is designed to attach into your pocket, shirt or even socks. You press the face of the device to access the hidden LED display inside. Press on the display once and you will get information on your step progress. Press it twice to get the time and thrice to get info on your sleep the previous night.

The Jawbone UP MOVE features an accelerometer that will count your daily steps no matter where you wear it. Use a wrist strap to wear the Jawbone UP MOVE to monitor your sleep patterns. The Jawbone UP MOVE can also conveniently connect to the Smart Coach app available for iOS and Android devices, which can help provide users with intelligent guidance to help provide insight on activities and the changes to be made. Smart Coach also provides challenges that users can take up to reach certain fitness goals. It also provides important information regarding diet, sleep and activity and how they can affect a user’s overall health.

The Jawbone UP MOVE is now available for pre-order at the Jawbone site. Prices for the activity tracker will start at $15. The Up by Jawbone App is now also available for free download for Jawbone UP users with iOS or Android devices.

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