Japan's Hottest Gadget for 2010 is… a Bread Maker!

Oh Japan! While the rest of the world goes crazy over the iPads, the iPhones, the Kindles, and the Kinects, you always take on another direction that would make the rest of us scratch our heads.

The hottest gadget in Japan right now is not a smartphone, not a laptop, but a rice bread maker named Sanyo Gopan. It can make bread out of milled rice, a staple in Japanese households. What makes the Japanese crazy about this device is that it bakes bread using rice grains, instead of rice flour.

What it does is that put about 220 grains of rice, along with water, salt, sugar, shortening, wheat gluten, and dry yeast into the Gopan, press the start button, and wait for four hours to get yourself a freshly-baked bread.

The Sanyo Gopan is so hot that the company had to postpone the roll out from October to mid-November. It even stopped accepting orders until April 2011. This rice bread maker is priced about US$615 and comes in red and white.

Source: CrunchGear

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