Japanese Robotic Ice Cream Server a Hit among Kids

The Tokyo Summerland theme park has a newest attraction in the form of a very cute robot that serves ice cream. Yaskawa-kun automatically prepares and serves frozen delights to curious park patrons.

Customers select what they want on the touch screen, from the size of the cone, the sauce, and toppings. After paying, a delightful rendition of The Prelude from Carmen by Georges Bizet sung with praises for the robotic server is played as it slowly does its duty. Once done, the cone is presented to a window for the customer to take. See this video to give you an idea how it works.

Yaskawa-kun is a creation of Yaskawa, a Japanese robotics company, as well as a major Japanese bank and a leading advertising agency. The triumvirate plans to continue developing robots and hope to lease or sell them. Yaskawa-kun, for instance, is on lease by the park until August 22.

Source: Robonable, via CrunchGear

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