Japanese Pocket Puzzles

Japanese Pocket PuzzlesPeople are now quite familiar with the usual time killers. You know, those games people play just to while away the time when they have nothing to do. The convenient way is to whip out the smartphone or tablet and play one’s favorite app. But then again, there are also old school options that people can try out, like this set of Japanese Pocket Puzzles.

The Japanese Pocket Puzzles palm-sized puzzles that can make you think and think for hours to solve. They are classic mechanical puzzles that can fit into one’s pocket to serve as an available time killer when needed. No batteries required. There are 15 of these pocket puzzles with two different difficulty levels. These puzzles can make you think that you are on the verge of solving one. But then again, you don’t. You can even share the puzzles to friends who would like to try them out. Even kids will like to try solving them and even beat you at it sometimes.

The 15 Japanese Pocket Puzzles are beautifully crafted out of solid zinc alloy, durable enough even when in the hands of very frustrated players. They are also ideal for kids from 12 years old and above. But adults will more likely want to have them both as a mental challenge and as a way to brag to friends when they already know the solution. The Japanese Pocket Puzzles are available in 15 different puzzles for $13 each at Think Geek.

Image Source: Think Geek

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