Japanese Electric Car Sets New Record in a Single Charge

Tokyo-based civic group Japan Electric Vehicle Club recently announced with pride that its customized Mira EV has traveled for over 1,000 kilometers using a single charge of battery.

The club set a new record of 1,003.184 kilometers for 27 and a half hours without a recharge, breaking its own previous record last month when another electric car drove at a distance of 555.6 kilometers from Tokyo to Osaka. The new record was done inside a driving course in Shimotsuna, Japan, which is also the world’s largest.

The customized electric car was powered by an assembly of over 8,000 Sanyo cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. It ran at an average of 40kph throughout the course.

The team plans on submitting the event to the Guinness World Records to officially recognize the record.

Source: Sanyo, via CrunchGear

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