Japanese Company Develops Electronic Monitoring Bracelet

Japanese mobile carrier NTT is developing a bracelet that aims to identify and track the wearer’s action. If a user raises his hand, for instance, the bracelet would have detected the sounds and colors surrounding the hand as well as the object being held. The device would also have detected the speed and direction of each movement. All the data gathered would be sent to a remote computer for analysis.

The technology works with the help of built-in mini camera, microphone, and sensors for acceleration, light, and direction, placed within the bracelet.

NTT claims that the data will be used to compare with previously saved information to identify everyday actions the wearer performs such as cooking, dancing, or flicking the remote. In its current form, the bracelet can identify 15 daily chores with up to 90% accuracy rate. It would be useful, for instance, in monitoring elderly relatives while you are living far from them.

The company aims to make the bracelet smaller and incorporate wireless data transfer before releasing to the public.

Source: CrunchGear

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