Japan Demands iPhone be Filtered for Minors' Sake

You can say anything about Japan’s flourishing adult entertainment industry, of how perverted their animated shows may be, or how its television shows can be careless when it comes to displaying naked bodies on game shows, but it has the strictest laws when it comes to mobile usage on minors. And apparently, according to Japanese government, iPhone fails on that department.

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication criticized Apple and its exclusive carrier in the country, SoftBank Mobile, for not providing enough content control for minors using the iPhone. The office even asked both companies to pre-install Japan-specific content control software in iPhones as soon as possible.

SoftBank Mobile called the process impractical. Although mobile phones equipped with filtering software are common, it is the stores who are obliged to install them before selling to minors. The process, the SoftBank Mobile rep added, would require stores to ask subscribers for personal information, including credit card numbers, before installing the software on the customer’s iPhone.

Source: MobileCrunch

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