JAM: Jets Aliens Missiles iOS Game App

Many gamers have this fascination with shoot ’em up games that involve jets, missiles or machine guns. There’s this fascination with technology in games that people also look for. And if it is aliens that you want to fight or do battle with, then JAM iOS game app is the game for you.

JAM stands for Jets, Aliens Missiles, the perfect ingredients for an exciting game app. It is the game for those who love to shoot it up with aliens and trying to save the world from them. The game involves driving a jet aircraft to do battle the aliens that have recently invaded the planet. This horizontal moving game pits your Jet with that of the incoming enemies that you need to shoot down before they shoot you. You have a variety of weapons to choose from which can be further upgraded later on as you move up and earn points. You may also need to face the big boss in order to move up through the different levels. But one thing that you should be aware during the course of the game is that you only have one life to start with during the game. A shot from the enemy that hits your Jet will be all it takes to take it down.

The JAM iOS game app also comes with neat 3D graphics combined with slick hand drawn art and sweet particle effects. Controls are simple using old-school game play. It comes with 5 stages and 3 difficulty settings. Players can add in extra modules or weapons to boost up their aircraft. Jets can also be customized by having a wide selection of paint job options. The JAM iOS game app is available for free download at the App Store.

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