Jaktogo luggage jacket: Fly heavy without the extra fees

Jacktogo luggage jacket

Jaktogo luggage jacket

The airline industry has become more of a pain when extra baggage fees are concerned. Even a fraction of excess weight on your luggage could cost you hundreds of dollars, while a number of budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier are even charging for hand-carry baggage. It won’t be too long before other airlines would follow suit.

You can outwit these unscrupulous businesses with the help of the Jaktogo luggage jacket. You have heard it right, it is a jacket-like accessory that enables you to stuff in all of your possessions whether they are shirts, your jeans, your headphones, even your laptop and underwear. Since the Jaktogo is part of your clothing, it does not count as a carry-on luggage. Smart, isn’t it?

Jaktogo luggage jacket

This stroke of genius comes with 14 pockets of various sizes, some are big enough to put in your bath towel, which can occupy a lot of space on any luggage.

Too unfashionable for you? Jaktogo has got you covered as it even comes in denim and leather. And once you are done with the baggage check-in procedure, simply fold your luggage jacket and convert it into a large carry-on bag.

The Jaktogo is available on its online store, starting at 69.95 euros (about US$94).

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