JakPak Jacket Portable Personal Sleeping System

JakPak Portable Personal Sleeping System

It pays to be always prepared especially when going outdoors. One thing that might stick to one’s mind is finding a way to spend the night somewhere. The JakPak Portable Personal Sleeping System is something that would be quite useful for the avid outdoorsman.

The JakPak is a unique concept that might prove useful to outdoor enthusiasts. It is a waterproof jacket that can also be converted as a sleeping bag and tent. Its unique design allows wearers to always come prepared without having to worry about brining along anything more to sleep in. Worn as a jacket, the JakPak can be quite a useful accessory to bring along for any hiker, camper or emergency aid worker. It is available at the JakPak site for those interested.

Image Source: JakPak

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